Need to hire workers?  


We are day laborer providers without charging service or registration fees. We have professional, honest, and reliable workers available daily for jobs involving moving, packing, transporting, and deep cleaning. Also we have experts in construction, carpentry, landscaping, housekeeping, painting, tiling, odd jobs, and more!


We would love to provide workers for you or/and your business, whether you need someone on short notice for just one day, or if you’re looking to fill a permanent or temporary position.

To hire workers at CASA please come to or call the Center closest to you:


Silver Spring Workers' Center
 734 University Blvd. E.
Silver Spring , MD 20903

Tel: (301) 431-4177
Fax: (301) 431-4179



Wheaton Workers' Center

  2729 University Blvd. W.
, MD 20902

Tel: (301) 933-6674
Fax: (301) 933-6690





Baltimore Workers' Center
  2224 Fayette St.
Baltimore , MD 21231

Tel: (410) 732-7777
Fax: (410) 732-2692



Center for Employment and Training at Shady Grove

16642 Crabbs Branch Way

Rockville, MD 20855

Tel: (301) 926-0810

Fax: (301) 926-0380






To make the hiring process faster click here to fill out the written agreement form.  


Please fill it out and email it or fax it to the closest Center to you.


What you can expect when hiring workers from CASA:

·         CASA is dedicated to the security and well-being of our workers and employers. To ensure a high degree of professionalism, CASA distributes identification cards recognized by the Montgomery County Police to each worker who uses our services. All of our workers are also committed to follow a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

·         Our multicultural and multilingual staff is available to assist in communication during the negotiation process and throughout the duration of the job.

·         At CASA’s Workers' Centers we classify our workers according to their skills and experience. In this way we provide you with qualified workers. 

·         All of your information is kept completely confidential and we uphold a written agreement between you and the worker.

·         To ensure employer satisfaction, we have a follow-up system that includes a short feedback sheet where employers can comment about job performance.  In addition, CASA staff dedicated to quality control conduct phone calls with employers for feedback. At their next visit, employers will have the option to choose workers by name with whom they’ve had a positive experience.




Tona Cravioto

Employment Program Manager

Phone: 240 354 4504



Additional Information on CASA's Employment Program

CASA’s Employment Program places workers in day, temporary, and permanent jobs that pay a living wage.  Operating out of CASA’s Silver Spring Workers' Center and Wheaton Workers' Center, this program will expand in the coming months to open Centers in Baltimore City , Greater Gaithersburg, and Prince George ’s County.  At CASA’s Centers, men and women workers take on leadership roles in determining the Center regulations, as well as salary scales to avoid underbidding.  CASA’s Workers' Centers are recognized as a national model in addressing the employment-related needs of recent low-income immigrants.  These Centers also offer classes and training for workers to improve their employability.


CASA also meets employers’ needs by screening workers and employers and matching employers with workers to fit their labor needs.  All workers sign codes of ethics and standards of conduct, ensuring high-quality work product.  Over 3,300 employers hire workers for day, temporary, and permanent jobs every year, in areas such as landscaping, drywall, painting, carpentry, moving, and cleaning. 


The Employment Program collaborates with other CASA programs to educate workers about their employment-related rights, to educate workers about healthy life styles and ways to prevent serious illnesses, and to find leaders to be community speakers and represent the workers in different actions related to the growth of the community.


Day Laborers and Workers at CASA


Day laborers are women and men without full-time jobs who seek temporary work to support themselves and their families. This type of employment activity has always existed, but the number of people forced into day labor has increased in recent years as employers seek to replace permanent workers. Day labor pick-up sites at street corners, vacant lots and shopping centers have proliferated and are now common in urban communities.


In the DC metro area, the majority of day laborers are immigrants and refugees from Latin America, but some are born in the U.S.   All look for jobs with fair wages and employers who treat them with respect.


Unfortunately, the majority returns each day home without finding work. And often those lucky enough to get a job are cheated of their promised wage after days or weeks of hard work. For some employers, day workers are an easily exploitable labor force, without the knowledge or ability to protect themselves.


CASA has developed a successful model of addressing the needs of employers and day laborers through Workers' Centers.  These Centers provide employment placement services combined with ESOL classes, vocational training, legal services, and community organizing to help workers achieve economic self-sufficiency.


If you would like to volunteer at CASA's Workers' Centers, please click here.